Support old-fashion telnet terminal access

the old fashion BBS, access in terminal telnet…
how to make it accessible via terminal telnet ?
wonder if someone has ideas on this :grinning:
guess need to stand up a traditional BBS server, which could access disourse server posts via API…

kind of, for fun, :slight_smile:


No real idea what it is you are asking for from a support perspective, but there is this:

If you are asking why there is not actual telnet access or why it is not used, it is because of the security risk due to lack of authentication policy and data encryption. why would you want telnet if you can SSH?

thanks for the reply, not browser in terminal.
I am thinking about the old-fashion BBS system with telnet in terminal, haha

so is this a feature request then?

edit: moved to dev from support.

You need a telnet server to act as a front end to the API, but it can be done if you really want to.

I sadly don’t have the code any longer, but I actually wrote a service once for Synchronet’s BBS software that would let you use the messages area to access a Discourse instance. It also had a modification so that it supported logging in via DiscourseConnect. :slight_smile:

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not a feature request,

it is an idea for a side project, for fun, haha.

yes, that is what I am thinking about, haha …

There is a project for that from @eviltrout


hah. that is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t seen that yet. I love watching his oldschool game dev related vids.

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