Support one box?

I have added in onebox URL but it does not works. Any way to support slideshare?

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Do you have an example slideshare url you are trying to use?

Also did you misspell like you did in your post above?

My mistake.

Here is the example slideshare link i am trying to onebox -

I have added to onebox but it does not works.

Weird, as it seems to work here…

Works on one of my sandbox installations too… I didn’t alter any admin settings.


Then I need to try by removing the slideshare url from onebox?

Can you provide a link to the post that isn’t oneboxing? Is it a public site?

I feel like there must be an error or something odd with the post. But yes, it seems you do not need it in the whitelist for onebox.

Sent you the forum link via pm.

Yeah, I’m lost on ideas now. Are there any errors in the Developer Tools Console or in the /logs? As I have no idea why it isn’t oneboxing for you.


I just checked that when I try to add a slideshare link in console it shows 404 error. Can you pls check by loggin in to my forum and trying to add a slideshre link? It will show 404 url error like below one.

_ember_jquery-9c4852b….js:5 GET 404 ()

Seems you have something configured incorrectly.

I’d check your app.yml to ensure that your host name is correct, that SSL is enabled properly and so forth.

Do you have the onebox gem properly installed? As you shouldn’t be getting a 404. Are you on a docker install?

I am on a docker install. What to check In app.yml?

host name, SSL ports are exposed, the certs are properly referenced.

Beyond that, I’m not sure where else to look.

The host name is I need to change it to for https? I checked that the SSL ports and certs are properly referenced. Also onebox is working fine for other domains only is giving the 404 url error.

I have the same issue with my installation. Have whitelisted yet I am unable to onebox the links. I am able to paste the same slideshare link here and see it oneboxed in the preview successfully. Not sure what am i missing.

@SMT Are you using cloudflare?

Nope, I am not using cloudfare.

@tgxworld Can you pls check?

@envieme are you on digitalocean?

Yes I am on Digitalocean, behind cloudflare.

me too. I just checked that another user was also getting the 404 error for amazon.
Check this -

Interesting. I just checked and see Amazon oneboxing doesn’t work on my installation. Even tried whitelisting But works here.

This usually means DNS (outgoing request domain name resolution) is broken on your server.

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