How to embed flash as onebox

(zh99998) #1

I have set “enable flash video onebox” on but still can’t embed swf link

flash url:

control panel:

what it looks like in posts:

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I’m no expert, but checking the site in it doesn’t look like it’s providing the stuff needed to onebox it. Contrast this youtube.

(Dean Taylor) #3

Looking at the regular expression URL matching I believe is in play here:

You may get it to work by modifying the URL from:

But really this is not something I’ve tried.

(zh99998) #4

I’ve tried

still nothing happened.

(Dean Taylor) #5

Have you tried restarting discourse? some settings are not immediately updated and require a restart.

(zh99998) #6

I have set enable flash video and onebox whitelist very lone before. forum restarted and rebuild many times until now.