Suspect users and dealing with trolls

We are getting a lot of sign ups each day. Fake accounts, we think.

  • They are all close together
  • <1 min read time
  • multiple accounts from the same IP

My questions:

  1. When a user is in the suspect category, why were they put there?

  2. I guess to suspend users WITHOUT them being notified, I should just run an update query against the database?

  3. Is there a way to get a list each day of accounts that share IP addresses? This seems to be something we are seeing a lot of now.
    I can query the database directly, I guess?

They filled out their user profile but have almost no read time. This is a very unusual behavior pattern for most users.

You absolutely must run the Akismet plugin if you are not already. It is essential in the current era of common 100% human spammers.


Thank you! I will get it installed now. I appreciate the response.

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