Suspended user receives end-of-suspension notice despite suspension extension

A user was suspended with a duration initially set to 2 weeks. After a couple of days, the suspension was extended to a longer duration.
However, the user received a notification by email 2 weeks after the initial suspension, to say that his account was available, which is wrong.

I imagine the system plans to send an email at a given date once a suspension is set. Is there a way to check that the suspension was indeed removed before actually sending the email?


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I am confused.

As far as I can see from reading through the code we do not send emails to users to notify them they were unsuspended.

Can your reproduce this on your instance?

  • Create a fake account
  • Suspend for an hour
  • Change to suspend for a day
  • Wait 2 hours

What happens?

Dear Sam,
Thank you for your answer. I did the test on a fake account, and indeed there was no email to announce that suspension ended.
I will try to investigate further, and also double-check with the suspended user who claims he received such an email.

Sorry for not having checked before, I’ll let you know.