Swipe-to-delete doesn’t work in DiscourseHub app on landscape mode

IOS and app, latest versions of everything.

In landscape mode, swiping left on a Discourse site (at the main list of sites you’ve configured) reveals the red delete box but the trash icon is centered full-width so you cannot tap.

The “trash area” is under (z height) the site name, but seems to be full width. Try swiping farther with just the right speed and you can catch a glimpse of the trash icon.

Works fine if one simply rotates to portrait.

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Was the Discourse Hub app intended to be used in iPhone landscape mode?

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dunno, but it’s awesome on an iPad in landscape (didnt dupl this bug on an ipadOS tho, only sure on IOS)

I hadn’t read your post properly. It doesn’t work in landscape mode on the 11 Max either. Sorry!

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Thanks for the report, this was an odd issue, it is now fixed in the latest beta of the iOS app.

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