Switching Puma ↔ Unicorn

I’m investigating an issue which I’m suspecting may relate to the specific flavour of web server employed.

Discourse supports both Puma and Unicorn web servers, apparently.

What is the most minimal configuration and right way to switch between Puma and Unicorn in a bespoke environment?

For some reason I have two installs, one appears to spin up Puma, one Unicorns, and both have RAILS_ENV: development

If I recall correctly, rails s starts puma and unicorn_rails starts unicorn.

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Appears to lead to on my Ubuntu Dev install?:

But I’m going to try your other command to switch from Puma, thanks!

I had to use bundle exec unicorn_rails within my docker container for some reason (it’s a gem?), but that was extremely useful.

So: I simply cannot recommend Puma when using Ember-CLI in Combo with NGINX as this causes problems.

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There is still an open question here, how come in some installs, Unicorn appears to be the default web server employed when issuing bin/rails s?

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