Switching the discourse color scheme: Changing Red Hues in CSS

Greetings! I have recently implemented the feature of a Color Scheme Toggle Button in my theme. By default, the button transitions to a dark mode with a cardinal hue, as is illustrated in the snapshot.


I am not, by disposition, a programmer possessing proficiency in coding; however, I progressively pursue a rudimentary understanding of these aptitudes, tackling some elementary configurations with the occasional need for guidance. The present circumstance indeed appears to be one such instance where I seek enlightened assistance.

  1. Is it requisite of me to modify the CSS of my indigenous theme, or should changes be implemented within the component’s code?
  2. May I entreat you to provide an exemplar of CSS code designated to alter the entirety of red hues?

Ps.To translate this text into English, I used the Discourse AI Translator. :+1:

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Hi @Aizada_M :wave: You can access and make changes to your color palettes by going to admin-customize-colors. there you will see various color palettes that you change the individual colors that you can change to alter the look of your forum.

The color palettes are used by your forum themes in admin-customiz-themes tab, so I would first have a look in the ones you are using to see which respective palettes they are using so you know which palette to change.


This is where you can add the various theme components or make new ones, or edit the css and html of various elements. You can see the color palette selector here:

Color Palette

In the colors tab, you can find the respective palettes and the one being used by your theme should be listed in on the left - this is the one you want to edit. Your theme may also have a light / dark palette you can change as well. The Color scheme can be selected by users box will be checked for ones the user can select in their color mode preferences. The palettes include color picker as a well as hexadecimal color fields.

This topic may also be helpful to you :slight_smile:

Also, if you are new to using themes, theme development or just want to learn to customize your forum, Here are some good resources to get you started:

Thank you very much for your reply!
I have previously tried to customize the color scheme through admin-customize-colors and admin-customiz-themes, but could not succeed. I think it’s because “Color Scheme Toggle Button” is not a theme, but just a theme component. Based on what I have written, I believe that the “Color Scheme Toggle Button” has its own customized color scheme in CSS.

This invaluable knowledge is indeed crucial to me, and I shall certainly scrutinize the materials thoroughly. Once again, allow me to express my profound gratitude to you :pray:

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