Sync WooCommerce Memberships with Discourse groups

I’ve updated the discourse-woocommerce plugin to work when Wordpress is the DiscourseConnect Provider, and updated the instructions in the OP accordingly.

            // add user to all applicable discourse groups
		$group_name = $this->get_membership_discourse_groups($membership_plan);

This is the code I am using to add membership users in discourse group. Where this function get_membership_discourse_groups() returns membership plan which users buy.

And my query is
" I am facing a problem regarding woo commerce integration with discourse.
If the user bought specific membership, they would automatically assign to the respective group in discourse.
It is working completely fine for most of the cases.
But sometimes, it is not automated. For example, 8 out of 10 users have been assigned to a specific discourse group on membership purchase, but the other two are not. So I want to make it automated for all users.
Any suggestion on how I can make it fully automated?"

Any idea what’s different about those users for whom it doesn’t work?

Hey Ansari,

So you’re not using the discourse-woocommerce plugin explained in the first post in this topic?

I’d suggest following the steps in the first post in the topic.

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No, as I said that it happens occasionally with random users, Issue happens maybe once in couple of months

Then it sounds like some kind of capacity issue, either WordPress isn’t doing its job or there’s some kind of network issue that’s keeping the updates from happening.

But if you’re not following the recommended course of action, then switching to that would probably solve the problem, as I believe that it updates the groups at every login.

What actions you are talking about ? Can you mention again in a thread ?

A few posts up, @angus asked if you were following the instructions in the OP of this topic. Have you followed those instructions? You didn’t respond to his query. He is among the most knowledgable people about WordPress and Discourse, so you should pay attention to what he says. I do.


Hi Angus,

Is there any live chat/call support for Discourse. I am still facing issue in Sync WooCommerce Memberships with Discourse groups so maybe some tech guy help me out by looking my site into deep,
Please let me know how to reach out for 1 on 1 meeting with tech guy?

Hey Ansari, before we go any further can you just confirm whether you’ve tried the steps in the first post in this topic?

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