Syntax highlighting for IDL

I am hoping to have syntax highlighting for the Interactive Data Language (IDL) in our self-hosted Discourse instance.
It does not seem to be among the supported languages. It is indeed rather a niche but most of our users use IDL (astronomy & atmospheric physics). A few editors actually support it like BBEdit/TextWrangler and here is where a .plist file can be found for it (I haven’t tested this in many years though).
Is there any way to use the work done in such a .plist file to provide IDL syntax highlighting in my Discourse instance without starting from scratch? Also, where can I find documentation on how to write the necessary file(s) for Discourse?

Discourse leverages Highlight.js for this work, which supports 191 languages, but I can’t find IDL on the list.

May be helpful to check the library and how you can add support for IDL on it:

There are some issues mentioning IDL:

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@Falco this is not the same language. That issue talks about the “Interface Definition Language”, same acronym but it is a completely different language.