Syntax highlighting not working?

Syntax highlighting in code blocks seems to have stopped working on my site.

Using a code block with a specified language (eg “bash”) like this:

echo "test"

I get nice formatting here, and I have previously, but now (probably with the 1.6.6 or 1.6.7 updates), the highlighting stopped working.

Is there some new setting I need to enable? My settings look like this:

It doesn’t seem to matter what language, bash, perl, applescript all do no highlighting.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Maybe regression? @sam would need to take a peek.

Are there any plugins involved on your site, I recall there was a plugin at some point that broke this.


If only we had some kind of “safe mode” people could invoke on their Discourse :slight_smile:


OK, I went to get the versions of the plug ins (I only have a couple, and all were up to date when I updated to 1.6.7, but discourse-solved had an update, and updating that resolved the problem. So I guess that was it, or the update kicked whatever was unhappy.