System assigned profile picture not synced to Discourse Connect client sites

We use one Discourse installation as the Discourse Connect provider (formerly “Discourse SSO provider”) and another as a connected Discourse Connect client site. That client site allows logins exclusively via our Discourse Connect provider site.

We have set up this system to sync user profile pictures from the Discourse Connect provider to the client site. This generally works, but fails in specific circumstances, reproduced as shown below.

How to reproduce

  1. Precondition: The user has set a custom, uploaded profile picture on the Discourse Connect provider site, and this has successfully been synced to the Discourse Connect client site.

  2. The user now changes their profile picture on the Discourse Connect provider site to the option “System assigned profile picture”, that is, back to the original letter icon that had been generated when the account was created.

  3. To sync this change, the user now logs out on the Discourse Connect client site, and logs back in there.

After these steps, the profile picture change has not been synced. Following the same steps for changing to a different user-uploaded custom profile picture works without issues. Just reverting to the system assigned profile picture fails.

Workaround: You could save your system-assigned profile picture locally as a picture, then upload it as a custom profile picture. This will sync to Discourse Connect client sites alright.

Relevant configuration: All our Discourse sites are on 2.7.11 (latest as of now). On the Discourse Connect client site, we use these settings:

All other Discourse Connect settings are using default values on the client site.

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Same issue here.

My steps to reproduct:

  1. User logs-in via WP-Discourse WordPress plugin .
  2. Users goes to Preferences > Account > Associated Accounts > Google > Click on " :electric_plug: Connect."