Table builder not working after an update

Looks like this commit may have broken the table builder and my site. Forum was offline and not loading, and I had errors in console about the Table Builder component.

I restored the forum in Safe Mode by disabling the component. Dashboard said to update the TC so I did. oops!

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I can confirm that updating Table Builder breaks Discourse. The homepage is stuck at displaying a ‘Loading…’ indicator. Safe-mode and then disabling Table Builder fixes the issue.


You need to be on the latest version of Discourse to be able to update or install the Table Builder at its most recent version. If you update from your /admin/upgrade page you should be able to re-enable Table Builder again. :+1:


Sorry for the disruption! I’ve just added a fix to the table-builder so that it can be updated safely on older versions of Discourse core.

@leomakkinje if you update the table-builder again and then re-enable, stuff should work much better.


Thank you for the quick follow-up!

In the meantime I upgraded the site to the latest Discourse version so all is good now.