Table Builder

The max width is a bit wide on wide monitors:

Maybe we could replace

  .modal-inner-container {
    --modal-max-width: 90%;


  .modal-inner-container {
    --modal-max-width: $reply-area-max-width

Or something similar:


That is just for desktops, I guess. Sure, basic things works, but when an user is on mobiles/tablets there

  • can’t edit headers, aka. first cell rows/columns
  • can’t delete unused rows/columns
  • is not sub-menu because long tapping doesn’t do anything

so created table must edit again ”manually” in composer.

It is good start, I’ll give that, but in this form it is easier to create tables directly when using another than big screen. Now it is just a fancy way get few |-characters :wink:

I would like remind that generally out there is plenty more mobile users than desktops.


I like very much this theme-component.

Being able to easily edit a table from a post view rather from the composer view is weird .
I understand that the editor is still not (and won’t be) WYSIWYG, but in practice, it feels it should be the opposite. :upside_down_face:

I tried editing existing tables on my forum, but I have an error message:

TypeError: (0 , _text.parseAsync) is not a function

Great! Yes, this is currently being worked on.

Yes, I can confirm it works on Excel as well.

Thanks for the feedback! This has now been incorporated:

Also regarding your error,

Are you on the Discourse version 2.9.0.beta9 or greater?

parseAsync() was added as of this commit. If your Discourse version is updated it should be working. Please let me know.

Of course, mobile is very important! :slight_smile:

This should be working like so:

May I know what device you are using so I can look into the issue further?


Hooray! This is so great to see, thanks!


I was, but it was a few commits behind parseAsync(). It works after upgrading. Thanks!

A cool thing would be to have access to the emoji selector in the table editopr, but I guess that’s not as simple as it seems?

Creating tables sometimes adds random empty lines, breaking the generated tables. I don’t know what causes this. Two examples:

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Yes, unfortunately so, but maybe I’ll look into integrating that sometime in the future.

Thanks for sharing this. I will look into this. Please do send me a message if you find out what steps to reproduce this, as it’ll help in debugging this issue.


Maybe you should delete unused columns?

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One may want to keep the empty columns for some reasons, but maybe some sort of “trim” button in the builder to remove all the empty rows and columns would be nice, I agree.

edit: I misunderstood your message, I didn’t see that you replied to me, but still, a feature to “trim” the table would be nice anyway :smile:


Hi, I just tried that on mobile, but the menu isn’t showing for me. :crying_cat_face: Is it triggered by long touch?

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No, it isn’t just working on mobiles. Just when a mouse is in use.


The extra top padding used for the Edit button is very slightly annoying because sometimes the “new” paddings/margins alters a bit the link between elements on a post.

For example, here there is the word Prototypes, which describes the table below, then the name Retail, which also describes the table below, but the space between the first table and “Retail” is so low that my brain don’t associate “Retail” to the below table at first:

Maybe it could be interesting to have a larger bottom margin/padding on tables to make the top and down spaces more balanced when the builder component is installed?

Here’s how it looks with a padding 1em 0 3em instead of 1em 0.

Not sure about this suggestion though. :man_shrugging:

Or we can rely on tricks…

Like this. :smile:


I can’t get the edit button to show up on my iPhone? Is there something special I need to do?

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Yes. Don’t use iPhone, but desktop instead :wink: It is not totally mobile friendly but I’m sure it will change at some point.

I was replying to this example, which seemed to suggest that it should be possible already?


I’m a bit late because I had to work. Bummer situation, I know. But there are issues at least with iPhone7 … 11, iPad 6thgen/Air, two different Samsungs, and no matter if desktop-mode is on.

And I haven’t check, yet, if there is some conflicts but everything else works nicely, so?


Great idea! I’ll take add this to my list of features to add later on.

Thanks I’ll look into improving the UX in this area.

@Kuro22 @Jagster

Regarding mobile usage:
Although, yes, it currently works for me on a touch device by long pressing to trigger the context menu (tested on Android - OnePlus 7 Pro)

There definitely needs to be a some fixes done for it to work on more devices, especially for iOS. I recently discovered iOS has an ongoing issue with the way it handles context menus. However, I won’t be able to push out a quick fix immediately since we’re using a third-party library for the spreadsheet portion.

I’ll post an update once I’ve resolved these issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I don’t want to speak for others but I suppose we’re all aware that’s a new feature and that UX issues or bugs are expected. And honestly, it’s already amazing work.


I agree !
Order ascending and descending…

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I have a few fairly hefty price/product comparison tables on another site that I’ve been using during testing, and it really does make updating them an absolute breeze now. :slightly_smiling_face: My enthusiasm for maintaining them (and making new ones) has certainly been renewed with this little beauty. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: