Table Builder

I really love this TC.

Keegan - have you had chance to look at this yet? It seems to be inheriting an unwanted bit of CSS from topic-post.scss for those on laptops with touchscreens:


Hey @nathank, unfortunately, not yet. Sorry for the delay here, but I’ll be scheduling some time to work on table builder related things next week. I hope to get that fixed for you soon!


Hey @nathank A fix for PC’s with touchscreens this has just been merged in :confetti_ball: .

Please let me know if its working correctly for you now.


Is there anykind ETA for mobiles?

A small bug: when a cell contains an escaped pipe \|, if we edit the table with the table builder, it removes the backslash \ but keeps the pipe | and it messes up the layout. :slight_smile:

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Hello. Thanks for your job.
I tried to install this theme component to self-hosted Discourse (version 2.9.0.beta11). I’m doing it from Github repository as a common theme component. But i have installation error with message:
Error creating upload asset: jsuites. Original filename Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, woff, woff2, svg, eot, ttf, otf, gif, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx).
Am i doing something wrong?

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Have a look at your site setting theme_authorized_extensions, you should have .js as an authorized extension in order for it to work correctly.


Greatest thanks. I’ve checked this settings, added js, and then all was installed correctly.


Hello Keegan,

Thanks so much for this component. The time has now come to activate it on my site and it works fantastic. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

I only notice one thing the context menu is not translatable but I think this is probably because it is imported from an external .js?


This us fantastic! Thsnk you very much for creating this. This will make life so much easier.

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Don do you install this along side this component?

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Yes, it is contains a few settings where you can change the contextmenu texts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just to ensure I understand. Your component will allow the menu to be translated when a non english native uses there browser to translate the table editor context to there native tongue?

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If your users are not native speakers of English, you have the option of translating these menu items.

For example: My forum members are Hungarian so I translate these to Hungarian it makes easier to understand to them. :slightly_smiling_face: It does not depend on the browser language. If you change these texts, it will change for everyone.

That’s what this component is for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 11.42.43 Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 11.44.36


Thank you. I apologize as I had thought it might allow the web browser to translate the menu for those whom are visiting.

Still a great addon for non english sites. Great work!


Hey @Don,

Thanks for bringing this up and creating your component :slight_smile:

This got me curious though, and I did a little digging. Turns out the external JS library allows you to hook into the strings for translations. I mapped all those to theme translations in this commit:

So if you update the table builder component you can now add translations directly in the theme component settings. This can be helpful if your forum supports multiple translations.

@Heliosurge Hope this also helps your use case :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s impressive thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Food fir thought; This theme component could be a base to have thngs say fore:

  1. bbcode color a fork could be a color picker. Enter ‘text’ in a cell then one could use a menu to choose forground colour and/or background color.

  2. Upload pictures layout

  • Standard
  • mason
  • etc…

and so on.

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