Tables aren't formated in the composer

Table is not formatted in edit window and no edit button

Table Builder is installed here at as well as on, right?
I tried it on both. I can see the “Insert Table” option and the Table Builder opens, but when the table is done, I see it unformatted without any edit button.
I tried it on Firefox desktop, Firefox mobile and Chrome mobile.


What am I missing?

Edit: I installed it in a self hosted Discourse instance (3.0.2) and I have the same issue there.
I tested it on Linux/Firefox, Windows 10/Firefox, and Windows 10/Edge.

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Can you post a screenshot of the table when you’ve created the post? The table will appear as Markdown within the composer itself.


Ahh, sorry, I misunderstood the edit feature. Editing in the posted post works. A bit counterintuitive though. Thanks.


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