Tag Banner header text too small?

On my tag pages, the CSS of the title (the name of the tag) seems to be over-ridden so instead of a large and clear name, it is a small one. Where can I change or neutralise this CSS? The font-family and font-size seem to be affected - the banner’s color and the title font color do not seem to be affected. Also, the CSS for mobile works fine - but desktop browsers (Chromium, Opera, Firefox) do not work.

For my tags that have Descriptions, the descriptions are perfectly fine.

I tried changing the CSS in the theme but only the banner colors seem to work, not the Tag title itself



Mobile is fine

Do you have this theme component installed?

This is what it looks like by default on Desktop on here:

To figure out what is causing the font change and size change, you could try to disable and enable each of your theme components and customisations to see what is changing it

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Cheers. Yes, I have this theme component installed. I will try disabling/enabling components as you suggest and see if I can isolate the problem

EDIT: I disabled each of the Components in the theme - then I disabled all of them except for the Tag Banners component - but nothing changed with the font size. When you reach that page, you see that the large text does show, but almost immediately, the CSS kicks in a reduces it to that size