Tag Groups

Hi I have Tag Groups setup.

2 Tags in primary group both are used in 2 2ndary tag groups as Parent Tag.

The 2 2ndary tag groups use the same tags.

The issue I am having is after a topic is created with 1st parent tag with 2ndary tag the 2nd Parent tag when used with the same 2ndary tag the order is not tge same.


Topic 1 Tags [Parent1] [Child1]
Topic 2 Tags [Parent2] [Child1]

Result Tag order
Topic 1 [Parent1] [Child1]
Topic 2 [Child1] [Parent2]

Even though Both topics were created with tags added in correct ordee the 2nd topic with a different parent tag is being displayed in reverse irder with child tag first.

Just a suggestion but Discourse DeVs maybe consider making it possible to have more than 1 Parent tag as option to use 2ndary child tags? This would reduce the amount of work creating several tag groups.

Otherwise is there a way to fix the tag order to respect Tag order? Parent\Child?

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