Display tags by tag group

Here’s our page for tags. What I would like to do is display these tags (to users) in the groups that I have created on the backend. Example:

Note. There seems to be a styling issue on this page with the height of this box.

Also, is there some way to order this list, or group the tags in this list?


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It is in tag frequency order, see this page


note that page matches the order of display in the drop-down exactly.


Thanks Jeff, sorry I shouldn’t have lumped 2 questions into one. I’m sure you are working fast and missed what I was asking. I’m looking for:

  1. How can I display (to users) tags by tag group on the /tags page?
  2. How can I group the tags in the tag drop down (all tags) based on my tag groups?


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So I take it this is not possible / not on the roadmap?

The current workaround would be to select this option in Settings

Show tags in alphabetical order. Default is to show in order of popularity.

and use tags like taggroup-tagname

Would be nice to have a setting for Show tag groups on tag page



My question back to you is: why did you create the tag groups?

Have a look at this /tags page. It’s showing the tags according to their relationship to the categories. The only use for tag groups right now is to restrict their use in categories, so we show the category-to-tags relationships on the /tags page. But it sounds like you haven’t defined those relationships.

I guess you created tag groups for cosmetic reasons, but we don’t currently have a way to show that.

It’s not possible either. How do you imagine differentiating the groups in the dropdown?

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Thanks for the response Neil. A lot of users use the tags page as a jumping off place to explore content on the site, and since we have a few broad categories, I thought it would be helpful to organize the tags under sub headings for our users. Organizing the dropdown is less of a priority, but same situation there… I imagined tags being nested under their group names, etc.

is there any setting to show the category-to-tags relationship in tag page?

we have tag groups and some of them are restricted in categories, but in the tag page no organization is shown.


if an admin restricts some tags in a category, then the category-tag relation is shown organized in the tag page, but if he restricts tag-groups for a category, the category-tag relation is not shown in the tag page.

e.g. in the above image, those tags in red, will be organized in the tag page under the category name, but the tags in the tag-groups in green box will not.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I think tag-groups are to help admins handling large amount of tags.

and it’d be good if the later is also possible for organization of tag-page. otherwise admins need to select lots of tags in the category setting.


If you allow some tag groups in all your categories except one, then should the tag lists duplicate them under each category on the tags page?

this can happen for tags as well. in the tag case, they’re duplicated under each category. can’t it be like tag-case?

Hmm, this would be a disaster at Car Talk where all car makes and models would be duplicated under most of their categories…

you’re right, it’d be a disaster. what if one shows the below relation in the tag page instead of category-tag relation:

p.s.: I think I’m missing something. I’ve tried repeated tags restricted to different categories; and they’re shown under each category in the tag-page. perhaps Car-Talk is using tag groups to hide repeated tags in the tag page.

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Showing tags by tag groups is very important for our forum where we have over 200 tags (e.g. “countries”, “fields”, “criteria” etc.).

Currently we have a huge alpha-sorted list mixing countries and other tags. So, I have to keep a separate topic in the Feedback category like “List of all tags you can use” (by groups), but keeping this topic in sync with the /tags page is a chore.

The proposed cosmetic change on a /tags page can significantly improve both UX and maintenance.
Please, consider adding this feature. :raised_hands::v:


Bear in mind that

So maybe we can do something to improve this page layout in 2.0 @neil?


Sure, we can add a setting to render the /tags page with tag groups. Added to my 2.0 list.


I added a setting to show tags in tag groups on the /tags page: tags listed by group. @dalerka Please give it a try on your site.


Works and looks great! Thank you, this is one of the best gifts for this year! :christmas_tree::tada: :slight_smile:


Looks great!

Many thanks @neil


What are you doing to style those tags with colors and icons?

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Instructions here: Add a custom fontawesome icon and color to your tag