Tag Icons

I cant get the tag icons to appear anywhere but in the sidebar. Anyone has any idea why this is the case? Tried reinstalling the component, using only that component together with the default theme, still no joy.

Just to check, you added the icons to the svg icons setting in the theme component?


Yeah I did, you can see that the icons themselves appear to the left in the sidebar, but they do not appear anywhere else:

Hi, Darojax, welcome :wave:

I am unable to reproduce this on my side. :thinking:

Unless CSS is involved or templates are overwritten, the tags are rendered the same way everywhere.

If possible, can you share your forum URL?

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Hello, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately at this stage the forum is still in development and not open on internet. I’ll get back to you once we go public, or if the issue is resolved.

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Alright, it’s fine. Can you provide your current Discourse version strictly and list the active plugins/components? Maybe it could give us a hint.

I would try to enable only the Tag Icons component with the default theme without any CSS modifications to see if the issue appears. If not, from that, you can figure out what the culprit is.

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Of course:

Discourse Version Installed


I’ve created a fresh Default theme and am only using the Tag icons component installed directly via github:

along with two plugins:



No other CSS or html or other customisations have been made.


OK I have found the issue. The plugin doesn’t seem able to handle tags that begin with capital letters. I changed the tag names to all lower case and now it works as intended. Tags starting with capital letters look more tidy in my opinion, would be great if this issue could be handled. : ) But still thanks for a great component.

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I’m glad it’s working now. However, how did you create those tags? They are normally forced to be lowercase.:thinking:

There is a setting for this in the admin panel:

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You’re right, my bad, I forgot about this setting. :smile:

I know where the issue is, I will propose a fix later. :+1:


Cheers! :+1:

When an icon is added to the tags, the bullet tag style icon is still displayed. Is it just me?

Make sure tag style is set to “simple”

That means you will lose the bullet style everywhere.

A new setting allowing users to choose whether to overwrite the tag style setting would be nice, I think.


With this componen it should be box if I’m remembering right.

Here is a quick & dirty CSS to hide the bullet. :+1:
You can add it in your theme CSS or a component.

a.discourse-tag.bullet:has(span.tag-icon):before {
   display: none;
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It works, thank you so much!

Feature request: Could it be possible to add partial slug support similar to Category Icons component?

I have multiple groups of tags, I could easily set an icon for each because the tags share the same prefixes.

For example;

acme-2023, acme-2022, acme-2021

If I could select tags starting with acme- and assign the same icon to them, that would simplify so many things for me.


I’m curious about flag emojis as tag icons. Following earlier threads on it from past years.