Discourse Coloring Tag

This is a Discourse theme component that allows admin to change tag’s background color and text color.

Repository Link

Theme Settings

Comma delimited in this order: Tag Name,Background Color,Text Color.
Tag Name: What your Tag Name is.
Background Color: Background Color of the tag.
Text Color: Decide the text color in the tag.

A correct example for settings will be: [Theme-component,#ffffff,black.]
(Both Background color and text color can be either HEX color (#ffffff) or color name (black).


Thanks for pointing me this way

Any plans of add support of images (like https://fontawesome.com/) with a tag like
tag_name, image, background color, text color

apple, fa-apple, red, white

I think you can use emoji in your tags instead.

Does not seems so :pensive:

@tachibanalolo I have a feature request for your consideration.

Would it be possible to make a setting which applies to whole tag groups rather than individually? That way, each tag group could be easily distinguished without having to spend a lot of time mapping each one, and when new tags are added they’d automatically get colorized rather than needing to be added separately.


I second that request, would be happy to pay for such feature as well

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