Tag request: Server resources - Disk, RAM, CPU. Right-sizing servers

I’m wondering if it would be useful for us to have a tag here for posts which deal with problems with, or questions about, limited resources on servers. Including support problems, and perhaps installation problems.

Not sure what to call the tag - server-resources perhaps. (Edit: now a tag - thanks!)

There are many posts about problems with servers running slowly, which include discussions on RAM, on swap, on CPU usage. And problems upgrading, where something has failed, due to filling a disk or having the OOM killer intervene because of lack of memory. Sometimes those posts have helpful suggestions.

We also have discussions about choosing a server config, or deciding whether to upgrade a server to a larger config. And about how to minimise costs.


I’m open to those. :+1: If we can land on the tag names that would be most descriptive/useful, I can add them and apply them to a bulk search.

Bonus points if we can also include a short description too.

Is there used any suitable search terms? I would search simple server plus something, but that is way too generic.

That’d be great. Personally, I’d not want to over-categorise initially: literally use “server-resources” and we can see what the usefulness is and how often it’s applicable. Then refine later, if that starts to look like a good idea.

For search terms to get started - not necessarily with 100% hit rate - perhaps “swap”, “cpu”, “oom”, “memory”, “unicorn”, “vmstat”. And perhaps “disk space” “disk free” “disk usage” “disk full”.

I love to get bonus points. I’d suggest words and phrases from my head post. That’s not very specific, so no points for me.

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I wonder if most of the topics that talk about specs/resources issues are in fact topics about unidentified problems, and the issue (oom, disk space, etc) is the answer. Then, the topic would be very often tagged after the issue is diagnosed.

The topic then would be tagged based on the identified problem rather than the initial query.

It reminds me a bit of the (underused?) tag css, which would be more put after a question like “how to do X” when the answer would be “it can be done with CSS, here’s how”.

But almost nobody (including me) uses it.


I’ve had an initial blast, but I’ll come back and do another pass later too. :+1:


That still seems like it has some value to me, if it helps those of us trying to help to find related threads.