Tags confusing (to all or me only)

Tagg1 has a synonym tag Tag1-S

Then I create a topic while choosing Tag1-S from dropdown, which automatically converts to main tag Tagg1.
But, just to see and record Tag1-S, I still write hash tag #Tag1-S in the end of the topic.

But problem now is that when users search for Tag1-S, the search (including AI search) show ‘Zero’ results. Is it intended behaviour?

Any suggestion? Is the hyphen hindering some good/intended behaviour?

P.S. If they search Tagg1, then the intended post does appear in the results.


Maybe this is slightly off topic, but I personally find the synonym feature (though ultimately very useful) very confusing! :exploding_head:


Example: here in meta howto and how-to should (arguably) give the same result in search.

(clicking on the tag works as intended, but search does not)


Can you guide me how should we force it to search for hashtag (#howto in this case)?

And, if we search for tagg1, does it also search for a msg which has normal tags tagg2-tagg1 or Tagg3 Tagg1 (or or a msg having these hash tags, but different normal tags).

Can you pls tell its current expected behaviour?


Not to muddy the water (post) I think tag category views should be collapsible , like the hide details option in posts, I have one group with hundreds of tags, collapsing it would shrink the page, make for easier navigation, which is their intended purpose if I’m not mistaken.