%{ } tags for community meta data, e.g. "User.count"

hi folks,

loving our new community, self-hosted on a subdomain of our course.

i’d like to beef up my Invite Forum Mailer with something like:
“Join %{ total_user_count } students learning to X, Y, Z…”

searched Meta for a bit. forgive me if there is a master list of all %{ } merge variables. i’m also happy to build my own, as i self-deployed to a server. in either case, can you point me in the right direction?

thanks for reading,

Unfortunately, no - the variables for each translation key depend on what is provided at the call site where the translation is used. A few of them share the same set of keys with each other, but there is no single global set. A large number have just the single variable %{count}!

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i see, so more specifically: can i merge in the community’s Total User Count to an email, topic, etc?

if this isn’t available, where in the source code can i create such a tag?