Tags not appearing in tag dropdown

There are tags displaying on the tags page which aren’t appearing in the tags dropdown or search.

One example (of many) here on Meta is #bug::tag


This is because of site setting max tags in filter list which defaults to 30. The description of the site setting is:

Maximum number of tags to show in the filter dropdown. The most used tags will be shown.

I just increased that setting to 100 here on Meta and #bug::tag is appearing in dropdown now.


If that is the case, this is not a bug @hawk.

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what we could do though is making this component make ajax request if filtering doesnt return anything. Or apply filtering on the full list even if we only show a partial list in the first place.


I’d favor this solution: users usually don’t know about the max tags limit, and would expect they search the complete tag set when entering anything into the Search… field.