Show all tags in drop-down

By default tags are sorted in popularity order.
Is it possible to show all tags simultaneously in drop-down?
I mean even unused tags.

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The number of tags in the dropdown is controlled via a site setting. max tags in filter list

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max tags in filter list is set to 50. However, as I have fresh new install of discourse without any topics, I can’t even see tags dropdown. When I add topic with tags, dropdown appears with that tags only.
What I want is to see dropdown with all available (or at least 50 of them!) tags no matter what.

Tags are dynamic - as soon as they’re not used on a topic anymore, they’re “deleted”. If you want the tag filter to be populated at all times, you’ll need to have the tags used somewhere. I’d suggest the following:
Create a number of topics in your #staff category. If you want 50 tags, with the default limit of 5 create 10 topics. Add the tags to those topics, and you should see the filter populated.


Suggested workaround not working as long as staff topics are visible to staff members only, so tags in dropdown appears for staff members, but not for other users. For them dropdown is still empty ((

Hmm, you’re right. I didn’t test that before I suggested it.

I’m not sure what else to suggest, we’ve never worried about having the dropdown populated if a tag isn’t in use.