Tags that are supposed to be only visible to staff are shown on /tags for everyone

I have a group of tags that has the option “Tags are visible only to staff” enabled. Still, this group is shown on /tags for everyone - at least when site setting “site tags listed by group” is enabled.

I can’t reproduce this with the latest code. What version are you running?

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v2.3.0.beta9 +26

Group settings:


Anon view:



I tested on that commit, and still can’t reproduce it. Can you share more about your setup?


Did you add the “Intern” tag group to a category’s restricted tag groups? I can reproduce the problem by doing that. Since only staff can use these tags, it’s pointless to try to restrict them to a category.

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Thanks! But what if a category should have a limited set of public tags and also allow the team to use the internal ones? If I leave the internal ones out, then I need to “allow other tags”. But then the public set is not limited. Or did I get something wrong?


Oh yeah, that makes sense. This should fix the problem:


Cool, thanks a lot, Neil!

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