Teams Sidebar on Self-Hosted Discourse

Hi Community,
When I was using discourse teams, one of my favourite UI features was the sidebar! You could easily navigate between categories and even collapse it when not needed.

Any ideas on how to achieve this on a self-hosted instance?
If it is not possible to achieve using plugins, would urge the Discourse team to consider adding this in the community edition too! It would be a great addition!

Wasn’t sure whether to post this under features or plugins, so please pardon incase I’ve made a mistake!


Check out A layout for community projects - #5 by angus


Thank you for the help Robert! This definitely is a viable option! Are there any alternatives to this?

From what I understand Discourse Teams does not use this plugin. Perhaps they’ve written custom code? Just curious.

Correct. And it’s not got complete feature parity. It only provides Category nav. But PR welcome!

@keegan is working on a tag widget: [Widget Request] Tags List Widget - #5 by keegan - Feature Requests - Pavilion