The sun is setting on Discourse for Teams as a separate product

Exciting news! :loudspeaker: We’ve decided to make Discourse for Teams part of our main product lineup at Discourse. As of today, we are no longer accepting new Discourse for Teams signups and the website redirects to

We created Discourse for Teams to enable more groups to use Discourse like we do for building internal community. Since we launched the product two years ago, we’ve added many enhancements and features for asynchronous collaboration to make working together easier.

Over time and with generous feedback from our users and the community, we’ve realized there’s demand to make much of what customers love about Discourse for Teams available to all Discourse users. In this transition, all Discourse sites will gain new features inspired by Discourse for Teams, including the sidebar! Stay tuned… we’ll have more to announce in the coming months.

Existing Discourse for Teams sites are not affected by this change. If you have a Discourse for Teams site already, you can keep it for the foreseeable future at the current pricing. You can also switch to one of our other hosting plans at any time.


Good! When Discourse for Teams functionalities will be available in main Discourse hosting plans?



We don’t have public timelines yet, but will announce developments as they happen in the coming months.


Just saying the video on the discourse youtube channel should be fixed since its about Discourse teams.