Telegram-like stickers?

Has anyone managed to add Telegram-like stickers to their board? Is it possible somehow or would a plugin have to be coded anew? If it’s not available yet, I might be ready to pay someone to develop it.

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This definitely would have to be a plugin and no such plugin exists as of now.

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Cool. Post in the #marketplace with your available budget and an outline of what you’d like and interested parties will get in touch with you.

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I haven’t heard of this, can you share screenshots of what it looks like, or how it works?

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Stickers work exactly like custom emoji, only that they are pictures. So in order to express a mood, users might post a thumbs-up emoji or they might post a picture of Lincoln doing a thumbs-up or a picture of Pusheen looking very smug. Each community has their own set of such pictures, involving memes like Pusheen or real-life people that are relevant to them. Company Telegram groups tend to use pictures of team members, and I’ve heard several unrelated people cite this feature as a reason not to adopt a more secure messaging software. People get really attached to using stickers. That’s why I want to have them in Discourse, to help my NGO adopt the forum.

To implement, have a Sticker button next to the Emoji button. This button should yield a set of pictures (as thumbnails) that the admins have uploaded for this purpose. In the code of a post they could be represented as :jeff_holding_a_beer: . This would be converted into an img tag of max 512x512 when the post is displayed, with both sides clear.

Having these stickers on a per-category or per-usergroup basis would be the icing on the cake.

Example of a Telegram chat with sticker:

Pusheen sticker set:

(Telegram stores sticker sets on a per-user basis and each sticker is linked to an emoji, so another way to insert stickers, rather than by going via the Sticker button, is by typing an emoji and selecting one of the equivalent stickers. I don’t think the per-user sets or emoji link are necessary to have.)

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I see, this sounds a lot like custom Emoji, which are already supported out of the box – but they are limited to Emoji sizes. You might be able to change that with local CSS customizations though.


When you say board, what you are referring to? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s another word for forum.