Template Button not working

Hi there,
It appears that the template tool (:gear:) is broken on our topic creator. We are able to access it when we go into safe mode, though.

I had a client with the same problem. I think it was the deprecated “canned replies” plugin. Have a look in the Javascript console and you should see an error.

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To narrow it down, you could use the different flavours of safe mode to isolate it to a plugin or a theme/theme component.

Do you have any likely candidates that influence the composer in any way?

Unfortunately we don’t use this plugin. The hunt continues!

You donj’t see any errors in the javascript console?

Disabling the themes/theme components in safe mode seems to resolve it.

I was able to narrow down which component modifies the composer. Disabling that resolved the problem. It looks like someone on my team is the author, so I’ll see if they can figure out what specifically broke it.

Thank you @pfaffman & @JammyDodger for the help!


On mine it seemed to be caused by theme-component 'scrollabke content" & ‘md-composer extras’