Gear in composer not working

Running Test-Passed

up to date.(Today)

When I try the gear the bar just below animated left to right but no drop down.

It is working for me on Meta.

If someone wants to see for themselves. DM me and can give a test user account if one doesn’t want to sign up.

I have tried previewing Light Theme (inactive) as it has no components.

On Mobile have not tested on desktop.

Safe mode?

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Thanks Sam,

As far as I can tell it seems to be a theme component.

Tried all 3 defaults. Worked fine.

Disabled Unofficial plugins keeping theme no-go.

Disabled all plugins. No go.

Disabled just themes in safe mode and it worked as expected.

Imagine has something to do with is it Ember 5 mitigation(if have term correct) with move to glimmer.

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Which particular theme component is this, is it public?

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Took a bit to track down. But seems that be this one.

Once disabled seems fixed. But do like the goodies it offers.

This component as well causes the issue.

Extra Info running Air Theme.