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Greetings! I want to allow users to use templates in the post editor, but it is very difficult to explain to everyone that the templates are inside the gear button :gear:, to most this button may seem like a setting for something. Is it possible to move the “Insert Template” button from the gear dropdown to the end of the editor button section using CSS. For example:

Or does it require more advanced programming knowledge? Tell me if this can be solved somehow :pray:

yes. If this is something you must have, I would post in marketplace - the composer toolbar isn’t readily customizable. The gear is usually default for new buttons. I managed to do it with my Image Alignment and Grid component, so you could look at that for clues. I don’t remember offhand how I achieved it though.

It is possible you may need a plugin to do more composer toolbar manipulation- there is code in the formatting toolbar plugin that controls buttons, as well as some tips on controlling them I think.


I am very grateful for the response :raised_hands:

“I have this plugin installed, but unfortunately, I do not know how to use it to move the template button. Perhaps I will still have to post an announcement in marketplace :disappointed:

Maybe this post is also helpful: Why so many options in the gear editor menu? - #12 by Don
It moves the format text button from the gear menu to the composer toolbar.

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