Template for confirmation of old email before change to a new one


My issue is similar to this discussion:

with a minor difference. I gather that for staff and admin there are two emails: confirm old one and confirm new one. @pfaffman found the right template for the second email and I have no issues with that. However, the first email contains a link of the type


and it is broken. If, however, I replace verify with confirm it works just fine. The problem is I don’t see an email template for “verifying old email” in admin panel and I wonder if it’s somewhere within Discourse source code.

Could someone please direct me to the “verify old email” template?

Have you searched for something like ‘old_email’ in the [YourSite]/admin/customize/site_texts search?

On mine, the likely candidates are:

  • user_notifications.confirm_old_email.text_body_template - (though editing this one gives me ‘access denied’ for some reason?)
  • user_notifications.confirm_old_email_add.text_body_template

But they already have confirm-old-email in there, rather than ‘verify’. Are you up-to-date with your updates?


This was the right one. I didn’t check in “Text” tab as I was assuming it should be in Email templates.

Strangely, mine had “verify”. And I’m running 2.8.0 beta 11

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Did it have the highlight of having been edited? Perhaps you or someone else had edited it in the past so that edit was being kept rather than following any updates.

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Note that the staff password change confirmation can’t be edited because that could lead to phishing by a rogue Discourse admin.


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