Temporarily Disabling the Welcome Topic

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to configure/temporarily disable the welcome topic that is pinned for new users?

I’ve customized the text and do want it to fire/appear for new users but only AFTER we’re a couple of weeks past our migration. When we migrate I’d like it not to appear for all new users (who will really be all users signing into Discourse for the first time) as I have more of a custom topic that talks about the differences from the old forum vs. the new they’ll see.

So ask is: how can I temporarily disable the Welcome Topic for new users and then enable it at a later time? Searched in the settings and couldn’t find it.


Based on some other digging in the forums I’ll plan on deleting the Welcome Topic for now, and then undeleting it once I’m ready for it to start appearing to new members again.

I haven’t found any config for this in the admin so if this won’t work, or if there’s a more graceful solution, would appreciate someone sharing. Thanks!

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Do you mean un-pin and re-pin? If you want it to be invisible, you can make it unlisted with the staff wrench.

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