Temporary avatar/titles

EDIT: See @cpradio’s post below for the implementation.

It might be nice to have the ability to set a temporary avatar or title. With April fools nearly upon us, I’m wanting for a way to decorate each member’s avatar for the day. It’s been the target of many internet April fools in the past, and I’m sure it could be re-used for other festivities.

An admin would be able to override a user’s avatar or title with a temporary one on a per user basis, or across the entire system (could apply a random one from a list for variation). Once a specified time has passed, the original is restored.

While changing these per user is easy, being able to revert to non-shenanegans mode automatically would be awesome.


I think you can do this with CSS

.main-avatar[href*=awole20] img
  content: url('https://d11a6trkgmumsb.cloudfront.net/user_avatar/meta.discourse.org/cpradio/32/4970_1.png')

Seems to work here when using Dev tools.


oh goodness, what a lovely and simple css hack! thanks! :slight_smile:

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You are telling me, I just did a double take because I haven’t refreshed the page yet and you still have my avatar from my prior test. lol