Temporary posts

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Temporary post

Feature description

Can I post something that will be removed according to the time I set.


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I can select a period of time that the post will be removed, after 10 minutes, after 1 year or after 1 day or after 1 month etc.

Why is this feature important?

  1. Social networks like Snapchat use this feature to make users’ photo and video experience unique. A site like Pastebin uses this feature to erase the registry of shared files. Discourse is very interesting software, software for people who like a community forum. This feature is interesting as many forums have not yet implemented something like this - this feature of temporary posts.
  2. With temporary posts you give the user more freedom to post and delete what he thinks doesn’t make sense anymore is there, posted.
  3. GDPR does not specify a time frame for which we can keep data. But she (the Law) says something like that:

"Data must be stored for the shortest time possible . That period should take into account the reasons why your company/organisation needs to process the data, as well as any legal obligations to keep the data for a fixed period of time (for example national labour, tax or anti-fraud laws requiring you to keep personal data about your employees for a defined period, product warranty duration, etc.).

Your company/organisation should establish time limits to erase or review the data stored.

By way of an exception, personal data may be kept for a longer period for archiving purposes in the public interest or for reasons of scientific or historical research, provided that appropriate technical and organisational measures are put in place (such as anonymisation, encryption, etc.).

Your company/organisation must also ensure that the data held is accurate and kept up-to-date."

  1. About this fact, I thought it would be interesting for Discourse to offer the temporary posts feature for this purpose.

optional resources

  1. Schedule posts in draft mode to be deleted. With this feature, users can remove all draft posts for a set time, maybe 10 minutes, 1 year, 1 day, etc.
  2. Schedule posts that have been published to be removed. With this feature, users can remove all published posts for a set time, maybe 10 minutes, 1 year, 1 day, etc.
resource overview and its ramifications
  1. This will allow posts to be stored in the shortest possible time as per the GPDR. In other words, the user has greater freedom over the posts he has made - I mean, I can exclude for a period of time what is a draft and what is published.
  2. Administrators and moderators are allowed to tolerably control posts in accordance with a security policy or good practice such as Compliance. But on the other hand, users have rights to remove things that have already been published or not yet published. They even have the right to create temporary posts with this similar purpose.


  1. I didn’t find a plugin or even any questions or resources that were something like this.
  2. If you know of anything or can help, I would be delighted to receive your feedback.


No, but you can easily do this with topics. Set a topic delete timer on the topic. Easy peasy lemon squeezy yeezy jeezy.

Per post there is no such option that I’m aware of.


My idea would be to create temporary posts. So I made the request for this feature. Because I can’t think of any plugin that does this.

Per post there is no such option that I’m aware of.

My idea would be temporary posts. My idea is about this. You’re right