Temporary Timed Closure of topic not re-opening topic

(Chris Beach) #1

Version: v1.9.0.beta5 +119 (latest as of 11th Aug)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Spanner > “Set Topic Timer”
  2. “Close Temporarily”
  3. “When” > “Pick Date and Time”
  4. Select time a minute into the future (I have tried with longer times)
  5. Wait a minute


Topic reopens, with an action message automatically posted to say the topic has re-opened


Topic remains closed:

(Alan Tan) #3

Thanks @ChrisBeach, this was a regression from a previous commit I made. Added more tests in the process of fixing.

(Chris Beach) #4

I’ve just taken the latest and timed closure appears to be working again. Thanks @tgxworld :+1:

(Alan Tan) #5

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