Autoclose topic if set to 1 minute doesn't work until 2 minutes

If you set autoclose topic in Category settings to 1 minute.
The topic countdown to closure text output is correct but you get an extra minute where the topic is still open for replies.
I was able to reply between 1-2 minutes when the topic should have already closed after 1 minute.
The topic closed after 2 minutes … see below.

Somewhere a 2 minute minimum is being applied and reported but 1 minute is permitted in category settings.

It’s not a big deal. I only found it trying to replicate another bug report.

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I was able to confirm this issue as well.

A topic with a category where the Auto-close is set to 1 minute doesn’t get closed until after 2 minutes. The system displays the following message after the topic is successfully closed - “This topic was automatically closed after 2 minutes. New replies are no longer allowed.”

Discourse Version - 2.9.0.beta2


Heya folks! :wave:

1 minute auto-closing is working as expected for me, with the caveat that I’m using a sandbox with no other activity. Also using 2.9.0.beta3, so maybe this was fixed.

When I set the auto-close topic timer to 1 minute, I get the following message immediately upon publishing:

Then 10-15 seconds later it changed to:

And finally:

As for that caveat: I’m the only one using this site, and I wonder if these are queued if a site has a lot of concurrent activity…

Or maybe it’s just been fixed! :tada:


Hi Maiki

The text has changed. It now says 1 minute. So it looks like it has been fixed.
I tested and the countdown is exactly 1 minute. Then the dialogue disappeared and the topic stayed open with a reply button for 26 seconds. Then the topic closed. I guess that is unavoidable and is due to the system doing background tasks while closing the topic and is going to vary depending on load etc.

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