Text after attachment link will not be rendered due to Inline PDF Previews theme component

In my discourse “text after” is missing in the rendering of

Text before [file.pdf|attachment](upload://oTcQPr8BPk5ffpUXRuW3CKe4fyD.pdf) text after

although the preview while editing looks fine.

Text before file.pdf text after

After removing |attachment “text after” will be shown.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce it here.

In a published page “text after” is shown.


Do you use the Inline PDF Previews theme component? I just checked this now and it seems to I can repro it if the component enabled. I think because it overwrite the filename line after text to only show the filename. As you see on the image, the file size is also not appear.
The after text only appears on new line.


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