Thank you - Discourse

Just wanted to come back and say what a great product Discourse is! This really is a beautifully crafted discussion platform and incredibly well thought out, credit to the whole team. We’ve been using Discourse now for over 3 months and it’s very difficult to find fault.

In 2010 when we launched our company we only had a series of bad options, I think Discourse has transformed the landscape. The way the product has evolved through small iterative changes, backed by empirical evidence and engaging with users is really how software development should be done!

So well done, and please figure out a way for me to pay you :smiley:


Why haven’t you restyled your site yet? :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I want to see more of those!!

Also, you aren’t on latest:

<!-- Discourse Version: -->
<!-- Git Version: 8a7fa6e4676599a946b08a43d624e0e5ef96c3c6 -->

The default styling just works (for me at least). I modified the colour of the links and made the hearts red…that’s all, job done!

I don’t manage the Discourse install myself, I pay someone to do this for me. He’ll run an update every 4-6 weeks for me, that’s part of the deal.

And thank you for following through and supporting Discourse, exactly as you said you would. :smiley:

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