Thanks, Discourse Devs

I’m in the process of transitioning a community that has been using MailMan for 13 years into Discourse.

Yesterday I mass invited everyone on the list and this weekend I’m importing all of that 13 years of history through the import tool. Those 13 years of history have been basically lost to time and unsearchable. After this weekend, we’ll be able to go back in time and re-discover good conversations that we should have been able to re-visit previously.

Just wanted to say thank you to the dev team and everyone who offers support. It’s a fantastic tool and I feel like I’m bringing my group into the 21st Century. You probably aren’t in this to get accolades, but it never hurts to know that you are having a positive impact on others. This is a great platform, and keep up the good work!


Aw thanks Derek! I highlighted this one on our Twitter.

We realize that mailing lists have a lot to offer, and people really unambiguously love mailing lists for good reason. So carrying that spirit forward, without losing the ability to seamlessly move interactions back and forth between email and web, has always been a primary goal here at Discourse.

Let us know how we can help, or anything we can improve to make things better.