Thanks for Discourse cauze it's just pure awesome

Hi guys,

I would like to thanks the Discourse team and community for creating this software and writing all the guides and how-to set it up properly. I discovered Discourse two weeks ago while looking at GoHugo forums (which run on Discourse).

Working with Discourse has been an enjoyable experience so far. I had seen coworkers use Docker, Redis and Ruby but never had the chance to work with them so it’s also a great learning experience too. Understanding what those were helped a lot while settings things up.

Also LMAO at people arguing with @codinghorror about stuff they obviously don’t know anything about like asking for feature. I don’t know how this guy is still sane :stuck_out_tongue:

And to finish I’d like to link to the guide I wrote on how to get your Amazon WS and Cloudflare services to work with Discourse. There’s a lot of handful guides on meta.discourse about Amazon AW so I made sure to link to all of them when appropriate.

I’ll make sure to detail all the stuff I learn about AWS that has not been documented so far, like how to fix the pg_dump version mismatch with Amazon RDS.

That’s it. Cheers mate!


Excellent – thanks! If there’s anything we can do to make setup easier on AWS, as we have with the Digital Ocean support for building Discourse as a default image, just let us know!

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Default Docker install work perfectly on AWS.

Things get complicated on the Amazon sides of things if you want a fancier setup. There’s a lot of specifics.


If it’s not too much to ask, we’d really appreciate it if you could post your tutorial here on Meta instead. Then we can make it wiki-editable so it’s easily maintained, and the links referencing other Meta topics will create proper backlinks for those topics. We’ll gladly give your site a shoutout on twitter :wink:

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Sure! I would be more than happy to help out here.

Should I just copy/paste the topic here and edit mine to link to the one here? If not what’s the procedure you’d like me to follow.

And by the way what do you mean by “make it wiki-editable”?

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Yep, just do that.[quote=“Frez, post:5, topic:37242”]
And by the way what do you mean by “make it wiki-editable”?
[/quote]I mean changing it’s status to a “wiki post”, something we mods do for practically all Howto articles.

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Here you go :

Thank you kindly!

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