The autobiographer badge gets granted again and again

I joined the community 2 years ago. Since then, I have changed my bio many times. Some days ago, I emptied it. Now, I edited it again and the autobiographer badge has been granted again. I am more than 100% sure I have earned this badge again. Is this normal? I mean, once you join, I think discobot guides you to edit your profile and apparently, the aforementioned badge gets granted. Shouldn’t it be granted only the first time though?

The revocation query for the Autobiographer badge is run daily, so this is the expected behaviour. If you empty your bio (or edit it so that it contains less than 10 characters) you will lose the badge when the daily revocation query is run. If you then add a new bio, you will be granted the badge again.


That’s the confirmation I wanted. Does it make sense though? In the end of the badge description, is says “Join us”. If I am a regular though, I have joined and engaged with the community months before.

It’s a bit of an edge case. I just realized that I’ve never filled out my bio on Meta. For my case, I’d read the badge description as inviting me to join the other users who have filled in their bio.

In your case, the badge should well be earned, as it is the first time you filling out the bio. Why should you earn this again though if you empty it and forget it for a day, then editing it again?

It doesn’t not make sense.

If sounds like your crux is badges should be permanent, not revocable, is that correct? :slight_smile:

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That’s what I expected & that’s why I posted in #bug :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this is a bug. You get that badge for having a bio and profile picture, not for writing and deleting a bio. We wouldn’t want you to game the system, would we. :wink:

This badge is granted for filling out your user profile and selecting a profile picture. Letting the community know a bit more about who you are and what you’re interested in makes for a better, more connected community.

When you remove those things, you lose the badge and it will be granted again as soon as the requirements are fulfilled.


Instead of granting and revoking, it should work:

  1. Writing a bio grants Autobiographer
  2. Removing it revokes Autobiographer, grants repeatable badge: Autobiotakebacker
  3. If someone has Autobiotakebacker N times, grant: Thoughtful Autobiographer
  4. Watch the support messages roll in (and crash NaNoWriMo’s forums!)