Promoter badge removed

i had obtained a promoter badge but after a recent update it has been removed and i was wondering if there is any more information about this and why it has happened, thanks.

I was curious about this too, so I had a look at the query that’s used for granting the Promoter badge. The query for granting the badge is run daily. When that query is run, a query is also run to revoke the badge from any users who don’t meet certain conditions. The badge will be revoked if either the user who created the invite, or the user who was invited to the forum are silenced. This is probably what happened in your case.

Since the badge query is run daily, once neither of the users are silenced, the badge will be re-granted. Keep an eye on your Badges page to see if the badge has been granted to you again.


i’m curious why he would have been silenced? or do you think he could have silenced himself?

i invited another friend to the forum and the badge was granted to me again but idk if he needs to post something in a certain time frame or something.