The best way to create aggregated metadata for a Topic based on its messages?

I have an idea to my community and for a plugin but I’m starting as “discourse plugin developer” and there are too many things to learn yet.

I hope you can help me to see the best way to address my idea. Here we go:

Let’s say we have a Topic called “Review about the new Ford Fusion 2017”, with a normal text and some “fixed” metadata with a rating like:

  • Price: 6/10
  • Engine: 9/10
  • Confort: 8/10
  • CO2: 5/10

Then, the community can Reply the Topic with the same approach: normal text with its comments and fill the same metadata:

  • Price: 2/10
  • Engine: 4/10
  • Confort: 6/10
  • CO2: 6/10

At the end, I want to display at the top of the topic the average.

I hope I explained well, if not I can do a mockup with the feature that I want to create.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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This is exactly the Ratings Plugin but with 4 ratings instead of one.

Use it as a base and extend from there.


You are right! I’ll try with the plugin, but, the part of calculate and print the average at the top of the Topic?

Thank you so much!

@skozz did you manage to build your plugin?

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