The data explorer is only available to admins

After update our forum we got the following message on the data-explorer plugin

The data explorer is only available to admins.

Could you please help us to fix an issue

I just did an upgrade and don’t have this problem. Are you sure that the user trying to access data-explorer is an admin?

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Sure. I have admin permission

I have seen this bug due to the rate limiter… if you wait 10 seconds and reload the page does data explorer show up.


I did it but not luck

I just installed Data Explorer, and it says the same thing for me.

Plug In is enabled:

I’m clearly Admin:



But it just keeps saying:

I don’t think there is any “rate limiting” going on.

Any suggestions?

Are any other plugins installed?

Just a couple:

In my case:

I have just started getting this error since we upgraded to latest stable.

Out of interest @peternlewis @Aleksandr are you running the forum under a sub folder?

Managed to debug the issue for me.


This requested file is erroring. The reason it is erroring is:

‘user_security_keys.factor_type’: UserSecurityKey.factor_types,

This isn’t implemented in the stable release of Discourse, its only available from 2.4 Beta.

Hopefully I can set Data Explorer to use the stable branch.
*Update - unfortunately not as that also errors because of:

QueuedPost is removed in recent Discourse releases

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I don’t know what this means. I’m running Discourse as a standard install on a Digital Ocean server.

But I just checked, and the plugin is currently working for me, although I am on 2.3.7, and I need to upgrade to 2.3.8, and the explorer plugin wants to upgrade too, so maybe once I upgrade everything, it will stop working again.

Well, that is disturbing, updating the Docker, resulted in:

Sorry, there was an error upgrading Discourse. Please check the logs below.

But said it was upgraded. Upgrading the rest, resulted in again:

Sorry, there was an error upgrading Discourse. Please check the logs below.

The error logs don’t appear to have anything of any use in them.

Then it complained sidekick(sp?) was not running. So I rebooted the device (simple solution), and now it says everything is up to date and fine.

And yes, now it says “The data explorer is only available to admins.”

I think 2.3.8 is broken, I had to change to the stable branch.

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