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Having been a fully remote, asynchronous company for nearly a decade at this point, we've discovered one thing about working from home.

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@kris.kotlarek I’ve seen those before and think they are very cool, but I’m not sure what the gimmick is, per se. Does it help you feel like you are in a different room, while just being in the differently lit corner?

I live in California, which just switched times because reasons, and I prefer working in dark spaces, and each time I emerge my time sense is totally thrown off (because the sun is still up and shining in). It’s made me very curious about the affect of light on my focus and environment. :slight_smile:


Wall-hacking is next level!

@tobiaseigen that view is gorgeous! And I’m very curious, what’s the orange panel in the wall? (I’m so into the color orange, I would just hang an orange panel there. :orange_heart:)

I learned during the pandemic that there are two background soundscapes that help me deeply focus:

  1. High BPM, deep baselines
  2. Bird song :relaxed:

(It was because I got a mobile wifi spot working on a trail!)

La Croix is my designated beverage I’m allowed to drink as much as I want, because the world is often very difficult, and at least I have sparkling water to get me through…


(I combine it with pebble ice for maximum relaxation.)

Thanks everyone, I love getting a peak into the space folks create for themselves. You all are very inspiring (and I’m probably gonna buy a 38" Ultrawide monitor at some point now…). :slight_smile:


I love orange too! That’s why my chair is orange! This panel is a magnet board from IKEA, I think. I stopped using it to put up things because it gets too cluttered. Soon I want to paint this wall and remove that panel or put it up somewhere else.

I love the view too. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the US, which is full of rainforest greenery and ancient, huge cedar trees. Sometimes I get to watch deer passing by, right from my desk.


Pebble is is the best ice :ice_cube: :raised_hands:


Do it – it’s the best ultrawide :stuck_out_tongue:


Two of them, though?! Aside from playing giant mecha games (you’ve got some sweet gear to match, really!), do you move your neck a lot? I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a wide surface for monitoring.

(You’ve even got a… gauge?! Such mecha!)


Funny enough I don’t even play any games!

It’s a wide angle shot so it might look wider than it actually is. The monitor on the left is 27” and I primarily use that for reference or monitoring livestreams for a little side project I have. 99% of the work gets done on the main 38” monitor. No neck craning at all — in fact that’s why I got the ultrawide. I was tired of dealing with bezels.

Not sure what the gauge is you see, but I have a thermometer/hygrometer for my office on the speaker to the right. Helps so I can keep humidity high enough for my acoustic instruments (it gets dry in there in the winter, and I’ve had guitars crack…)

  1. That’s cooler than a mecha gaming gauge, and
  2. I didn’t know that happened to instruments! That’s wild.

:turtle: :turtle: :turtle:
:turtle: :turtle:


I am surprised, but it helps me to get into “flow mode”. Especially in the morning, when it is still dark in my room. Only my little corner is lighten, and it helps me to focus. Of course, it is not as efficient as a separate office, but it works :slight_smile: