The most easy way to let my users insert a FinViz chart image based on values?

I would like my users be able to insert a finviz stock chart.

I don’t know what would be the best way to do this? If any? And if someone could helping me doing this?

Should it be a bot like

@botname $value1 $value2

where $value1=tickername
and $value2=d or m for daily vs monthly

or by the composer?

[chart]$value1 $value2[/chart]

It should end up in automaticly inserting the image with the path like

p=d (for daily) or p=m (for monthly)

At the end the post should have image inserted


Could something like that be done?

I dont know if it makes any sense?

Could this be your solution? => Linkify words in post

Maybe simplify by using 2 different words. One for producing a daily chart and one for a monthly one. This way, you just have to deal with one additional input: The ticker. Seems easier for everybody, IMHO.

I will have a look at it- Thanks

But maybe it will only generate a link and not inserting the image? I have to dive into it…

That’s something which crossed my mind too.

Should it do that, maybe try to produce the replacement text as a link between [img] BBCode tags or markdown tags, if that’s possible. I guess it should and this may force the system to treat it as an image if it doesn’t do it on its own (unless it will display it as text). You indeed have to try it. Please post the results here :+1:

FYI: Supported formatting in posts (markdown, BBCode, and HTML)
Markdown for images: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

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I thought I could use this plugin

But sadly I was not even able to set it up.

Else it seems like it would be have been a work around…

Mentionables would not help you here. It’s for inserting links to a fixed selection of products.

What you are essentially asking for is iFrame support I suspect.

But this provider seems to block use in iFrames? (I had a brief go and that appeared to be the result) You’d need to contact them about it.

Well, I thought it would work as a light edition.

Let say I use


It could insert at image-url like this:


Of course what would be the best solution for me was being able to use a command like

+google m

for this path (monthly view)

+google d

for this path (daily)

And so on with more variables. But I could live with only one, as a start :slight_smile:

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You seem to have gone in a wrong direction with this, Robert.
This was what you mentioned in a previous message too, now deleted.

If you copy the example link from the first post of this topic and paste it into a message, you’ll see it directly shows as an image just fine. OP’s goal is more about a way of producing these links easily for his forum users, if I understood correctly. Of course the links also need to be processed the same way as when you insert them manually in a post.

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