The name of the topic disappears in the header on

First post

We go to the last

This is especially noticeable if you refresh the page. Something is wrong with the behavior.


Wasn’t this fixed recently? Regression?

Maybe yes.

Discourse 2.2.0.beta4 - 80398d0b8f247459aefee06767f257c5d6fc5846

That’s the normal behaviour of the smart header (very new feature).

When you are in the middle of a topic, the header shows a mini logo, the topic title and category, etc. instead of the website header.
This way we know what topic we are being reading.

But when you are at the top of the page, it displays the site header (as the topic title should be visible, at the top of the page).

And when you are at the very bottom of the page, and that you are no longer really in the topic, as are now in the Suggested Topics section, then here it also reverts to the site title.

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Except that’s not strictly true, it only does it below certain browser widths.


I could not reproduce at first but indeed now if I go to your link and then I press End, it’s good but now I press F5 and indeed it’s no good (site title). Then I press End again and it’s back to good (topic title).

This will certainly be improved, it’s a very very new (great) feature.


I am seeing the same thing, it looks like the mobile detection is not quite right.

cc @Johani


Confirmed, we should not be triggering any of this code on desktop, we will get it fixed quickly.


Should be fixed via

Thanks for reporting @Stranik :+1:


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